Tudor Dixon says Trump advised her to ‘talk differently about abortion’ in Michigan governor’s race

Former GOP Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon said former President Trump advised her to “talk differently about abortion” in her race for governor.

Dixon interviewed the former president in her latest podcast episode that aired Wednesday, where she told Trump that he was “absolutely right” about the way she should have discussed abortion in her 2022 bid for Michigan governor.

“I just want you to know that — and I’ll tell my viewers — that you came to me and you said, ‘You got to talk differently about abortion,’” she told the former president. “And we could not pivot — we could not pivot in time.”

“And I hope that you are able to navigate that that issue in ‘24 and that we can win those women back because they are already putting out attack ads, and it is not a fair issue for them to attack on,” she added.

Trump endorsed Dixon during her 2022 bid for Michigan governor, but she ultimately lost to incumbent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D).

During her race, she said that an abortion ban should include cases of rape and incest, saying that “a life is a life for me.” She said that she would only support an abortion to save the mother’s life during her campaign at the time.

Trump implied that Dixon should have talked more about exceptions for abortion during her campaign to reach more voters.

“Yep, that’s what happened to you,” he told Dixon, speaking about attack ads on abortion. “And that’s what happened to a lot of other people and didn’t happen to me because, you know, there’s a way of talking about it. They’re the radical. They’re the radicals and you have to explain. And I think exceptions are very important.”

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