Trump knocks Wall Street Journal, Fox over his reported popularity in GOP

Former President Trump issued a scathing rebuke of Rupert Murdoch’s top American media properties in a string of social posts on Sunday afternoon.

“In a phony and probably rigged Wall Street Journal poll, coming out of nowhere to softened the mental incompetence blow that is so obvious with Crooked Joe Biden, they ask about my age and mentality. Where did that come from?,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social website. “Now that the Globalists at Fox & the WSJ have failed to push their 3rd tier candidate to success, they do this.”

The former president took a jab at Fox specifically, calling out the network over a multi-million dollar settlement it paid Dominion Voting Systems in April stemming from Trump’s false claims of fraud about the company aired on the network.

“The Wall Street Journal & Fox are damaged goods after their failed DeSanctimonious push & stupid $780,000,000 “settlement.” MORONS!!!” Trump said.

In final social media post late Sunday, Trump complained about Fox’s coverage of his popularity within the GOP and with American voters more generally.

“The Wall Street Journal and FoxNews keep pushing the narrative, through Trey Gowdy and others, that “BOTH” Crooked Joe Biden and 45th President Donald J. Trump are unpopular within their own Party,” he said. “This happens to be true for Crooked Joe, where they won’t even let RFK Jr. have his votes fairly counted (more RIGGING, and STEALING Elections!), but VERY untrue for “TRUMP,” where I have a 90% Approval Rating, and am crushing the “second tier” candidates by 50, 60, and even 70 Points. THAT’S POPULAR!”

The late evening social media diatribe is just the latest in what has been a months-long war the former president has waged against Murdoch, the Journal and Fox News specifically.

Trump, the front runner for the Republican nomination for president, skipped the first GOP debate last month, partly due to what he says is a “hostile” relationship with Fox, the network that held the debate in Milwaukee.

The former president has nonetheless made semi-regular appearances on the network, which features a number of pro-Trump commentators and pundits and is hosting the second GOP debate on its sister network, Fox Business.

Trump has said he does not plan to attend the Sept. 27 debate.

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