Feud: Football vs. Fashion Week! Friends of Vogue on How They’ll Spend Their Super Bowl Sunday

Picture a Venn Diagram of those who watch the Super Bowl and those who attend Fashion Week. (The game has historically fallen during the New York shows.) There usually isn’t that much overlap—at least, not at Vogue’s offices. We’re committed to attending, covering, and otherwise feeding the discourse around Fashion Week—yes, even on Sunday nights! 

But trends are meant to be broken. Last year, when the 2023 Super Bowl turned into a Rihanna pregnancy announcement (with assists from Alaïa and Loewe, no less!) sandwiched between bits of football, fashion found itself in something of a pickle. Where were we meant to be looking?!

It’s a question we’re all asking ourselves again this year—especially since smack dab in the middle of the San Francisco 49ers-vs.-Kansas City Chiefs game is Ludovic de Saint Sernin’s fall 2024 runway show. So, what’s it going to be? Watching Usher’s halftime performance (and hopefully catching glimpses of Taylor Swift in the stands) at Allegiant Stadium, or NYFW?

Here, some friends of Vogue weigh in on the debate, and share how they’ll be spending their Super Bowl Sunday. 

Mario Carbone, restauranteur 

I’m actually heading to Las Vegas to see the game in person this year and host the many fans coming to celebrate the weekend at Carbone in The Aria. Post-game, there will be a feast of Italian American food being prepared by our chefs for all my friends and family.

Alina Cho, journalist 

Don’t make me choose! OK, if you’re making me choose, then I’m watching Feud: Capote vs. The Swans. We haven’t had a show this delicious since Succession. I can always watch the Super Bowl highlights later. On Monday, the fashion marathon resumes—I’ll be attending shows, a few events, and shooting for CBS Sunday Morning… it’s a busy week! 

Leah Faye Cooper, digital style director, Vogue

I obviously love fashion—I’ve dedicated my career to it. But I’m also a very enthused sports fan. I’ve never missed a Super Bowl, and I’m certainly not going to start the year that Usher is headlining the halftime show! I haven’t made any concrete plans yet, but I’ll either be on my couch or a friend’s, watching the game, eating wings, and scrolling the Vogue Runway app between plays—because I appreciate an exhilarating third down as much as I do a Ludovic de Saint Sernin fashion moment.

Giada De Laurentiis, chef

I’ll be watching with friends at my place! I’m planning to make my Sheetpan Lasagna in lieu of nachos—you get equally sharable bites, but it’s a bit unexpected and more decadent. For apps, my bacon onion dippinzimonio…and baked brie in honor of Travis Kelce!

Nell Diamond, founder and CEO, Hill House  

I am spending Super Bowl Sunday with my girlfriends! One of my best friends lives across the street and I convinced her to host a group of us for the evening. I’m hoping I can also convince her to wear matching Hill House pajamas and robes while eating nachos and catching glimpses of an original Hill House girl, Taylor Swift. 

Julia Fox, actor

I don’t really know what the Super Bowl is… is it baseball? All I know is that it’s a concert with expensive commercials. Anyway, I will be at the Elena Velez costume ball in New York City on Sunday.

Wes Gordon, creative director, Carolina Herrera

It’s the day before our F/W24 show—I’ll be putting the final touches on the collection.

Prabal Gurung, designer

What is football? Wasn’t that Rihanna’s concert last year and Usher’s this year, with long commercial breaks of boys in spandex running around and fighting for a ball?

Aurora James, founder, Brother Vellies 

I like any opportunity to get all of my friends together to cook and “watch something,” so I’m definitely having a Super Bowl party. But to be honest, it’s really just an outlet to cosplay as a sports fan.

Laura Kim, co-creative director, Oscar de la Renta 

Fernando [Garcia] and I are going to Zero Bond with friends to eat Billy Durney’s Hometown-Bar-B-Que and watch the game. The BBQ will fuel us to power through NYFW!

Steven Kolb, CEO, Council of Fashion Designers of America

My Sunday will be packed solid with NYFW, including Kobi Halpern’s debut runway show. Later, I’ll stop at my friends Karen and Rosi’s early Valentine’s Day party before heading home to feign interest in the Super Bowl.

Aerin Lauder, founder, Aerin Lauder 

As a mother of two boys, the Super Bowl has always been a very important Sunday in our home. While I do enjoy the delicious food, I am usually more intrigued by the advertising campaigns than the game. I always look forward to seeing the big creative moments for such iconic brands. 

I also create a beautiful setup for our friends and family to enjoy. I prepare a lacquer tray full of chips and guacamole, pizza, and pigs in a blanket with fun drinks and festive napkins; it’s football with a touch of my feminine sensibility. 

Bach Mai, designer

Since our show is on Friday night, I will definitely be feeling lighter by Sunday and hopefully will have (finally!) gotten some sleep. I’m excited to start my Sunday with a restorative RéVive facial before launching into a day of appointments and fittings with clients who are in town for the show—at least, the ones that didn’t jet off right after to Vegas for the game!

Nicole Phelps, director, Vogue Runway 

I’ll be at Ludovic de Saint Sernin’s 8 p.m. show on Super Bowl Sunday. With apologies to LdSS, my work obligations would’ve bummed me out if the match-up I wanted—Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions—had come to be. I’m a bit bored by the Chiefs’ success, at this point. Next year, I’ll be crossing my fingers for the underdogs.

Jordan Roth, president, Jujamcyn Theaters

Wait, there’s something football on Sunday?

Lauren Santo Domingo, co-founder and chief brand officer, Moda Operandi

I will be keeping score, very carefully, of all the men in my life who are complaining about Taylor Swift. They get scored twice if they also complained about Barbie.

Eric Sedeño, TikToker @RicoTaquito

The Sunday of Fashion Week is the lord’s Day (Anna Wintour’s Day), and I will most likely spend the day wandering around NYC to catch the best people-watching of those dressed to the nines. While I can appreciate a Taylor Swift cultural pull, I’m sadly not a Swiftie.

Barbara Sturm, aesthetics doctor and founder, Dr. Barbara Sturm

Married to an American, I’ve learned to appreciate the spectacle of the Super Bowl and why it’s such an epic sports event. This year, I’m particularly interested in seeing Usher on stage at half-time and spotting Taylor Swift watching the game from the sidelines. It’s pure family entertainment.

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