6 best robot vacuums of 2024: Top picks from home testing

Why we picked this:

As the number and letter mashup in the title suggests, the Combo j9+ finally combines the best features of the older high-end Roombas: the small obstacle detection and retractable mop of the Roomba Combo j7+ (which we also tested and really liked aside from its meh carpet cleaning), and even better suction power than the Roomba s9+, which was previously the most powerful Roomba.

What’s more groundbreaking than iRobot bringing those features together, however, is the fact that the Combo j9+ beats both of its predecessors at their own game. Suction power wise, the Combo j9+ is stronger — therefore tougher on thick carpet and pet hair — than the s9+. Mopping wise, the Combo j9+ attacks dried stains more persistently by scrubbing back and forth with force rather than staying stationary.

The new auto-empty dock is bigger than previous docks from iRobot, but that’s because it’s holding a separate water tank that automatically refills the smaller tank on the vac itself for 30 days at a time. Any maintenance can be done without opening the chic wood lid on top of the dock, so you’ve basically got a free new full-time side table.

Who it’s for:

Not everyone in the market for a robot vacuum is willing to pay $1,000 or more just to take a chore or two off of their plate. Those who would be down for that investment want a deep clean that goes past casual, surface-level daily upkeep, and they want it to happen without babysitting or daily dustbin or water tank maintenance required on their end. The Combo j9+ would be most worthwhile in large homes with pets or several high-traffic areas that have an even mix of hard floors and carpeting or rugs.

For homes with lots of pet floor and little hard flooring, the Roomba j9+ is the same vacuum minus the mop, and goes for $899.99 at full price or as low as $599.99 if you catch it on sale.

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