Raye Covers Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’

Artist performed “Feeling Good” for Triple J’s ‘Like a Version’

Any day is a good day for “Feeling Good,” but today is especially the best since Raye covered Nina Simone’s iconic declaration of grace. Unlike the original, which came out in 1965, Raye’s version is sparse and features only piano, no swinging brass, allowing her to plumb the depths of her happiness to evoke the song’s joy — you know how she feels.

She performed the tune on the latest episode of Aussie radio station Triple J’s Like a Version series. “I think it comments so beautifully on something so simple but in such an effortless way,” she said of why she chose the tune. “I think it’s one of those magic pieces of music that it doesn’t come by very often and also continues to inspire generations and generations to come.”


In the Triple J interview, she also marveled at the sheer talent of performers like Simone, who had to capture the perfection of a song like “Feeling Good” in one performance when recording in the Sixties. “You had to do it in one take in one room, kind of what live music is but on record,” she said. “And I think that’s why you had to be a vocalist who could deliver the emotion and the notes and that feeling in one take. I think that’s so special, and I miss that in music today.”

Last month, Raye’s own talent was recognized when she became the most nominated artist in a single year at the Brit Awards. She’s up for seven trophies, including Best British Album, Song of the Year (for “Escapism” with 070 Shake and “Europa” with Casso and De Block), British Artist of the Year, Best Pop Act, Best R&B Act, and Best New Artist. She released her debut album, My 21st Century Blues, last year. “Best Album?” she joyously commented, according to NME. “Are you sick?”


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