Utility Bill Expense Negotiation For Hospital Owners: Auditing Service Updated

Trusted utility and telecommunications bill auditing platform Recession Resister has updated its services to provide hospitals with contract negotiation expertise for actionable insights that can lead to increased profit margins.

This new service aligns with Recession Resister’s commitment to helping consumers, businesses, and non-profit organizations streamline operational costs by identifying and reversing overblown rates and invoicing overages. With its expertise, hospital administrators can find out where they’re overpaying for utilities, telecommunications, and other monthly expenses, allowing them to negotiate lower rates, secure refunds owed, and even switch to more cost-efficient service providers.

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Many people don’t realize that US hospitals are structured according to different financial and service mandates. The two most common models are non-profit and for-profit, both prioritizing expense reduction.

Recession Resister’s newly updated expense-cutting services provide any hospital with contract negotiation solutions in addition to bill auditing and energy savings programs for increased cost efficiencies and overall financial sustainability.

“Millions of businesses are overpaying for their utilities and telecommunications; they just don’t have the time to look into every single invoice for every single service, dating back years,” says a spokesperson for Recession Resister. “This is the purpose behind Recession Resister. We audit bills, negotiate lower rates, and can even help with energy savings to reduce costs and CO2 emissions.”

Hospital administrators can start the bill auditing process simply by uploading their invoices to the Recession Resister platform. Bills can range from utilities and telecommunications services to security, pest control, and water/sewage costs. Barring state restrictions on retroactive refunds (which in some states is three years), hospitals can submit invoices from as far back as they’d like.

The potential for utility bill errors and overages to occur is high, says Recession Resister, who then taps their negotiations teams to contact service providers directly. Skilled and experienced negotiators know who to contact to secure refunds and more appropriate rates, resulting in potentially substantial long-term savings.

There are no upfront fees with Recession Resister. Instead, clients pay just 50 percent of the refunds their negotiation teams secure.

Recession Resister aims to alleviate the financial pressures that are so often a part of today’s hospital facilities. The platform is committed to empowering hospital administration staff by providing them with the data they need to avoid wasteful spending and secure cost-efficient utility and telecommunications contracts.

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