Conan Gray Drops ‘Lonely Dancers’ Video: Watch

Someone dance with Conan Gray, so he doesn’t cry!

On Friday, the Gen Z pop star released his newest single, “Lonely Dancers,” just days after he announced his third album, Found Heaven.

The Eighties synth-infused pop song, co-produced by Max Martin, ILYA, and Oscar Holter, hears Gray singing to another “lonely dancer” at a bar as he welcomes him onto the dancefloor. In the video, Gray stumbles upon his love interest kissing someone else and proceeds to dance away his troubles in a bar filled with frozen patrons.

“Your lover left, broke up tonight/My lover’s busy, kissing other guys/We’re both alone now, tears in our eyes,” sings the artist and he sweeps across the room. “We’re lonely dancers, there’s no need to hide/We’re lonely dancers, baby/Dance with me so we don’t cry.”

Gray teased the album announcement by placing posters hinting at the album title at local record stores across the world, including at Mexico City’s Roma Records, New York’s Rough Trade, and London’s Banquet Records. “Conan needs your help revealing the name of his new album,” he teased on his website. “There are 11 Posters in 11 record stores across the world. Each poster reveals one letter from the album title.”

He recently visited the Zach Sang Show to talk about how falling in love for the first time inspired the new LP. “It did not end well,” Gray said. “There was a massive relief in that I could feel those things and that’s also why I named it Found Heaven. That’s a very happy thing… but also it killed me and I died.”


“You learn a lot. It was simultaneously the most incredible experience in my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything, but it was so fucking gut-wrenching,” he added. “It was horrible, but it was worth it.”

The singer’s last album, Superache, dropped in 2022. “Writing this album was miserable, and that’s why it ended up being a super-accurate depiction of my life,” he told Rolling Stone about the album that featured songs like “People Watching,” “Astronomy,” and “Memories.” He added, “It felt like scraping my ribs of any last bits of meat.”

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