This Oil Control Mist Is a Must if You Hate Sweaty and Shiny Skin

If you need more information before shopping, these shoppers will convince you that it’s a must-have for oily skin.

Rael Miracle Clear Oil Control Mist Reviews

A shopper insisted, “Take this everywhere! I spray this on my face all the time- when I’m wearing makeup, when I’m not, etc. It really helps my oil drum of a face feel less oily! You obviously need to reapply if you’re like me and you sweat lot, but it works great! I wish I had a travel size!”

Another explained, “It helped control the oil on my face and it is easy to use. I noticed a difference in my skin. I would highly recommend this product. The perfect mist to use in the summertime and great to use if your skin needs an extra boost. I enjoyed the mist.”

Someone reviewed, “Very lightweight! Absorbs well. This spray is so nice during the summer, really helps if I’m going out and I don’t want to have a super shiny face!”

A reviewer shared, “I’ve been using this and I have noticed a huge difference in the oil in my face. I spray this on whenever my face feels kind of oily and gross and I have noticed a huge difference! I couldn’t recommend more.”

A shopper said, “These really work at keeping my sebaceous filaments down. If I don’t use this, my nose will feel almost bumpy/prickly with my clogged pores.”

“This is a great product for on the go you can throw in your purse and spray throughout the day. Does help to control oil production,” an Amazon customer wrote.

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