These are the top 10 startups in the U.S., according to LinkedIn

Ramp, a New York City financial tech company, is the No. 1 buzziest startup by growth and demand, according to LinkedIn’s latest report on the top startups in the U.S.

Liquid Death jumped to the No. 2 top startup of the year from No. 25 last year, in part after leveraging a cameo from drummer Travis Barker in an ad campaign. And rounding out the top 3 is Whatnot, the livestream shopping platform currently hiring several six-figures roles across product and security functions.

LinkedIn’s latest report recognizes the 50 young U.S companies growing quickly based on four factors: employment growth (percentage of headcount increase), engagement (how many non-employees are viewing the startup on LinkedIn), job interest (the rate at which people are viewing and applying to jobs there) and attraction of top talent (how many employees the startup has recruited away from LinkedIn Top Companies).

Retailers, health startups and tech companies leveraging artificial intelligence dominate the list. Overall, nearly one-third, 30%, of this year’s top startups were founded in 2020, and many address gaps that the pandemic revealed, such as access to mental health resources and other forms of health care.

Many of the early-stage businesses are hiring for roles in engineering, product and design, analytics, sales and marketing, operations, customer service and security — many of which command six-figure salaries. Remote roles make up more than half of the available jobs at the top startups, says Dan Roth, LinkedIn’s editor in chief.

Here are the top 10 buzziest startups, according to LinkedIn, along with some of their six-figure job openings based on available data on the job site in late September:

1. Ramp

What they do: A finance automation platform that provides corporate cards, expense management and payment solutions

Headquarters: New York City

Full-time employees: 675

Open roles: Senior associate of lifecycle marketing ($127,000 to $150,000); customer experience manager ($110,000 to $130,000); website growth associate ($127,000 to $150,000)

2. Liquid Death

What they do: A canned beverage company that sells water and iced teas

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Full-time employees: 200

Open roles: Director of financial reporting and technical accounting ($159,000 to $199,000); sales and distribution analytics manager ($92,000 to $113,000); senior manager of strategic finance ($122,000 to $150,000)

3. Whatnot

What they do: A livestream shopping platform for collectibles, ranging from trading cards to sneakers

Headquarters: Los Angeles

Full-time employees: 425

Open roles: Senior manager of trust and safety ($140,000 to $185,000); creative director ($240,000 to $285,000); community product manager ($153,000 to $235,000)

4. Wiz

What they do: A cloud security company

Headquarters: New York City

Full-time employees: 750

Open roles: Growth marketing manager; people operations specialist; senior marketing strategy and insights manager (Wiz did not include salary ranges in their job descriptions on LinkedIn)

5. Cohere Health

What they do: A platform that automates prior authorization for health-care services

Headquarters: Boston

Full-time employees: 570

Open roles: Training specialist; quality specialist of service operations; customer success onboarding specialist (Cohere Health did not include salary ranges in their job descriptions on LinkedIn)

6. Drata

What they do: A security automation platform for businesses

Headquarters: San Diego

Full-time employees: 475

Open roles: Director of customer and community marketing ($153,000 to $236,250); senior manager of campaigns ($142,120 to $219,450); senior manager of pricing and packaging ($115,940 to $196,025)

7. Tropic

What they do: A software procurement platform for companies

Headquarters: New York City

Full-time employees: 280

Open roles: Account manager ($70,000 to $120,000); senior data strategist ($130,000); product design manager ($170,000)

8. Charlie Health

What they do: A virtual health company that provides mental health-care services to teens and young adults

Headquarters: Bozeman, Mont.

Full-time employees: 900

Open roles: SEO associate ($50,000 to $125,000); director of learning and organizational development ($145,000 to $185,000); marketing designer ($85,000 to $135,000)

9. Dandy

What they do: A tech company that digitizes the dental lab process

Headquarters: New York City

Full-time employees: 865

Open roles: Manufacturing technician; strategy and operations manager; director of product marketing (Dandy did not include salary ranges in their job descriptions on LinkedIn)

10. Seamless.AI


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