Kari Lake predicts GOP will ‘unite’ around Trump: ‘He’s dominating’

Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, a loyal supporter of former President Trump’s, said Sunday she thinks the Republican party eventually will unite behind Trump’s candidacy in the 2024 presidential election and stressed she hopes the GOP does quickly.  

In an interview on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Lake pointed to Trump’s commanding double-digit lead in the primary polls and said Americans want a candidate that has a proven ability to do the job. 

“I think, eventually, the Republicans will unite around President Trump. He’s dominating, obviously, if you look at the poll numbers, nobody can even touch him,” Lake said. 

She continued, dismissing the GOP primary debate, which included the top GOP candidates other than Trump, as “kind of fun and cute,” but noted Trump has already demonstrated to the American people the kind of candidate he would be. 

Trump decided to skip the recent Republican debate and questioned why he would join the other candidates on the stage when no other candidate came close to him in any recent poll.  

“I mean, the debate was kind of fun and cute, but let’s face it. People want someone they know can already do the job. President Trump has done the job. We had the best economy of my lifetime. Everyone was doing better. The border was secure. And now, under Bidenomics — if that’s what he calls it — people are nearly bankrupt,” Lake claimed, also attacking President Biden for his border policies.  

“Americans from all walks of life are tired of it. They want President Trump back. And I think that the Republican Party will unite behind him, hopefully sooner rather than later, so we can defeat Joe Biden,” she said. 

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