Clean Up Everyday Messes With a $99 Deal on a Shark Handheld Vacuum

If you need more information before you shop, here are some rave reviews.

Shark WANDVAC Cordless Handheld Vacuum Reviews

A shopper gushed, “I can’t say enough good things about this little vacuum. It charges quick, holds a charge for multiple uses, has several practical attachments and works absolutely wonderful. Just the quality I expect from this brand as I own several of their products. I have a toddler and two Great Danes and we live on a farm with horses etc. to say I have put this thing to the test is an understatement. I use this literally everyday and I am HOOKED!!!”

Another reviewed, “I purchased one for myself and use it almost every day. I ended buying another for my son and his wife for Christmas last year. Neither myself or my son have had any issues with this vacuum.”

A customer explained, “I was not sure I would use this but if you have ever spilled coffee grounds on the floor you would love how easy this is for all the small spills that you wish were handy to clean up. I also have 3 dogs and dust bunnies are also an issue. I will vacuum the rug- put that big vacuum up and then I spot a few dust bunnies! With this it is always ready and weighs less than my coffee cup.”

“This is perfect for cleaning up small messes. My grandchildren love it and will fight over who gets to use it. My two year old grandson can use it and will clean up his own cereal messes. I liked it so much I ordered another one for my daughter,” a reviewer wrote.

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