Candidates won’t make closing statements in next GOP debate

Candidates participating in the second Republican primary debate this month will not be allowed an opportunity to make closing statements, The Hill has learned.

According to a memo sent to the campaigns by Fox News Media, which is hosting the debate along with the Republican National Committee, moderators will not allow for any opening or closing statements.

Republican candidates were allowed closing statements during the first GOP debate last month, but no opening statements.

“Follow up will be at the moderators’ discretion. The moderators will enforce all time limits,” the memo reads. “Best efforts will be made to ensure a fair and robust discussion, giving every candidate the opportunity to answer questions and react to others.”

The Sept. 27 debate, which will air on Fox Business, will be moderated by hosts Stuart Varney, Dan Perino and Univision’s Ilia Calderón.

Fox is also sticking with its game-show style chime to signal a candidate’s time speaking is up.

Former President Trump, the front runner for the Republican nomination, did not participate in the first GOP debate and does not plan to attend this month’s either.

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