Biden report punts on pipeline’s future

The Army Corps of Engineers on Friday released a draft Environmental Impact Statement looking at the pipeline’s environmental consequences.


It notes that the agency did not select a “preferred” alternative — whether it would revoke the permit, keep it as-is or modify it. Instead, the administration will consider public comments before issuing a final decision.


The report notes that if the pipeline — which carries oil from North Dakota to Illinois — has an oil spill, it could have long-term, major impacts on groundwater and wildlife, as well as community health. 


However, it also calls the possibility of such a spill “remote to very unlikely.”


Standing Rock Sioux Chairwoman Janet Alkire blasted the report, saying in a statement: “We’re furious that the Army Corps has addressed none of our major concerns during the review process.”

“The pipeline is an imminent threat to the Missouri River, sensitive habitat and sacred burial sites along the riverbank,” she added. 




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