Autoworkers vote to strike | The Hill

More than 95 percent of members voted in favor of the move as negotiations heat up just weeks ahead of the mid-September deadline.


Since negotiations picked up last month, the union has been pressing for better pay, pensions and more job security for workers.


“Our members have delivered for these companies over and over, and our members deserve job security as a reward for that,” UAW President Shawn Fain said Friday. “So, we deserve future product at our plants.”


“The Big Three’s race to the bottom ends on September 14,” he also warned. 


The union represents about 150,000 workers at the Big Three automakers – Ford, General Motors and Stellantis, formerly known as Chrysler.


President Biden met with Fain last month after union leaders reached out to make their positions known amid negotiations with the automakers.


But in comments Friday, Fain told members that Biden “is not in our contract.”


“Labor cannot be left out of the equation. Labor has to have a seat at the table. The workers can’t be left behind,” he said.


“And it’s up to the Biden administration and our people in Congress to fix those things when it comes to our tax dollars going to those companies with no conditions,” Fain added.

The Hill’s Aris Folley has more here.


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